VDA Erasmus and international students I Our way to see. Vilnius Picture Gallery

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Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) Erasmus+ and international students in study course “History of Lithuanian Art“ created co-project “Our way to see. The Vilnius Picture Gallery“.

One of the tasks in the study course “History of Lithuanian Art” was to choose a painting from the Vilnius Picture Gallery of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art after the visit and to restore it and document it by taking a photo.

Co-project creators: Daria Antyp, Josef Decroix, Domenico de Lisi, Felicitas Krug, Anton Pedos, Cara Shannon, Luca Thiel, Domenico de Lisi, Haizea Oliva Liberjen, Alisson Ochoa Ramos, Asier Rodríguez, Coralie Lamilhau.

In our project we recreated the painting of artists such as Jonas Rustemas or Vicentas Slendzinskis, who are also represented in the Vilnius Picture Gallery and have relevance in the Lithuanian Art History. We bring the works of the artists back to life and combine them with a little twist from the modern age.

VDA Erasmus students

Project Our way to see. The Vilnius Picture Gallery

5 Feb 2021