AniMA - new MA programme!

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One more MA programme available for international students at VAA

We invite you to study in the new Animation MA programme. The aim of these studies is practice-based research of moving image. We offer an opportunity to work on a film for two years and simultaneously explore the evolution of the animation-informed narrative. The animation of matter opened up by the tools of extended reality and artificial intelligence changes the concepts of life as well. The moving image is known through the recognition of life, and life, in its various forms, is recognized through the moving image. We ask what the cinema of the future will look like in the broader field of art and science, and offer you to explore the evolution of film in both traditional and experimental ways.
Technologies we offer: 2D, 3D, stop-motion, pixelation, rotoscopy, motion capture, chemical processes of analogue photography, AR, VR, 360-degree video, AI-generated imagery.
Ways in which we will talk: animated film, multimedia film, animated video, film installation, animated object.

6 Jun 2022